By upholding the quality spirit of our parent company, ZACROS Taiwan insists on the same quality standards as Japanese products. At the same time, we are committed to setting up a well-developed production process to ensure the best quality possible. After attaining the ISO 9001 standard, we have been focusing on promoting and optimizing our Quality Management System (QMS) to become a benchmark enterprise that can satisfy customer needs while practicing our management philosophy.
Our Action Strategy:

1.   Parallel development of quality awareness
Through the disclosure of our quality policy, promoting the philosophy of the top management and facilitating continual education and training, the Company’s quality consciousness will be deeply rooted in each and every ZACROS employee.
2.    Strict implementation of quality objectives
The management plan for the Company’s operations are drawn up by our senior management. The management plan then extends to the quality objective of each department which is linked to all employees’ action plans. Our attitude and persistence towards pursing quality is participated in throughout the Company and thorough implementation.

3. Continual improvement in quality activities
In the spirit of PDCA, we detect potential issues through periodic internal audits. We make further improvements while establishing a preventive mechanism, creating a quality assurance system that our customers can rely on.
Quality Principle
ISO9001 Acquisition

Since our production began in November 2015, we have worked tirelessly on the acquisition of the quality management system - ISO 9001 certification. In June 2016, we successfully achieved this, providing customers with reliable and trustworthy products.
Date of Approval :
June 13 , 2016
Numb of Approval:
FM 651243

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