Chairman Shiomi Kimihiko
Established in 2013, ZACROS was set up to oversee production and sales in Taiwan, but it was not until 2015 that ZACROS started its official operations. We are grateful for everyone’s support along the way.

We continue to move forward in our business development in accordance with the Group’s ultimate goal of “values” and “exceeding expectations”.

Our business activities are based on the ZACROS Group’s vision of “creating and providing new values that increase and enhance the added-value of our customers”, while incorporating environmental protection issues into our management strategy. We are dedicated to fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibilities, applying the precept of serving Taiwan and the Earth.

We have always been committed to cultivating the market, and with the dedicated efforts of our employees, we do not negotiate when it comes to providing new value for our customers.

We look forward to your support and serving you in the future.


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