Logo Meaning
We have used the green (earth) and blue (sky) of our corporate colors to symbolize the harmony of people, society, and the environment, based on the foundation of the Company’s “lamination” technology as the central objective to the realization of a sustainable society.
ZACROS Group Philosophy
We not only make products, we create values.
The philosophy behind ZACROS is “Delivering value that exceeds expectations”.
Corporate Vision
Corporate Mission
While ZACROS Taiwan is dedicated to creating a new vision of value, it also serves as an important hub in Taiwan for its parent company Fujimori Kougyo. Our objective is to become “tough, compassionate, and fun” and we are committed to delivering to all of our stakeholders.
We always act with a view to the future and our customers, creating value together.
We fully respect the individuality of our employees and thrive on their unique ideas and actions.
We build trust and respect with our partners through fair and transparent transactions while making every effort for our mutual sustainable development.
We listen intently to our shareholders and investors to gain their trust. Tangible and intangible operational resources are utilized, and we are committed to enhancing sustainable corporate values.
We abide by the law and regulations and promote business activities to a high ethical standard. We do our utmost to solve problems which may harm the Earth and society.
Core Values
Innovation Capacity
We are not limited by our existing business framework and continue to propose new opinions and ideas on our own initiative while implementing them into our work.
We act on our own initiative without being instructed or asked and we take the lead in solving problems. We are not averse to taking on additional responsibilities in order to achieve our goals.
Opinions of team members are respected, and decisions made to fulfill personal duties are supported. Members are encouraged to work together to achieve team objectives.
Problem Solving
We get to the bottom of problems, accurately examine the information at hand, and draw our conclusions. Appropriate solutions are sought with pros and cons weighed before taking actions to eliminate obstacles.
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